Saturday, April 11, 2009

Celtic Tatted - Leaves and Flowers

Anyone who would like to pre-order the new Celtic Tatted Leaves and Flowers book and CD to be picked up at Hector tat days may do so by sending the payment of $11 to my paypal account, which is the same as my email address. There will be no cost for shipping as I will bring enough with me to fill these pre orders, and a few more.

The book will be available by mail sometime after I get home from Hector Tat Days at the cost of $11 plus shipping. I'm not sure how much the shipping cost will be just yet.

The patterns included in the book or on the CD that will come with the book are for a variety of leaves including the Celtic Maple Leaves, Daffodil Leaf, elm leaf, and a heart shaped leaf; and the Celtic Flowers including the Iris, Daffodil, Lily, and Poinsettia. On the CD are the PDF files for all of the patterns. PDF files allow you to zoom in on the photos and drawings to see them in greater detail, and preview pages, jump to the page you wish to view, and other neat things.

A lot of people have asked for these patterns.

Ruth Perry
Email me at rjpoms ( put in the @ symbol here )

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New!! Tea is for Tatting

This is a book of teapots in various shapes, sizes, and techniques. Full size motifs include Maltese Ring, Antique Rose, Shamrock, Country Garden, and Celtic. There are also four miniature motifs that work up quickly, which are good for card enclosures and small accents. For something really different, there is a three dimensional tea set in block tatting, which includes teapot with lid, creamer, sugar bowl, cup, and saucer. Two of the large motifs also have accompanying creamer, sugar bowl, and cup patterns.

Skill level is intermediate and advanced. Patterns are presented in both written form and diagram, except for block tatting patterns, which are text only. The three dimensional tea set has several work-in-progress photos.

This is a full size comb bound booklet (8 1/2 x 11 inches) with 36 pages plus covers.

Autographed on request.

The price is $20.00 USD plus shipping.

Please see my website ordering information.