Saturday, January 31, 2009

This is an excellent book for for intermediate and advanced tatters. It is also a wonderful collection of snowflakes for those beginners looking to advance their knowledge and tatting skills, especially on using split rings and mock rings.

There are 15 snowflake design in the book. Here are a selection of the designs available.

There are 33 pages in the book, printed in an easy to carry size of A5 (about 15cm by 20cm). The book is wire-bound which allows for the book to lay flat when opened. The pages are printed in such a way that when it is opened flat, you can view both the written instruction and the chart together without having to turn the page.

Here is a sample page from the book

Each book is priced at US$18.00 plus postage. Shipping is via the Malaysian Postal Service and will vary by region.

I accept payment via Paypal from international purchasers. Please e-mail me for the price in Malaysian Ringgit.

I do not have an online store. I f you are interested in a copy (or two) of the the book drop me an e-mail to jonyusoff(at)yahoo(dot)com. I will get back to you with further details.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thirteen Bell Patterns

Thirteen Bell Patterns by Terry the Tatter, Terry McGuffin has a subtitle, "Old patterns, New patterns, Some you have, Some you don't. Some you just want all in one book." This book is only available from Terry the Tatter. It is $20.00 and comes with a box of 4 glass bells. This is shipped free anywhere in the US. For out of the US, write to Terry for postage information. The book has almost all both written and graph patterns.

Tatted Ornaments

Tatted Ornaments by Terry the Tatter, Terry McGuffin has covered bells, balls in two sizes, Easter eggs in hen and goose sizes and other odd shapes. This book is written in the shorthand style with some graphs. The book is available from Handi Hands & Lacis in Berkeley.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Exotic Range Of Tatted Flowers

Exotic Range Of Tatted Flowers ebook
Tatted Flower Patterns by
Linda S Davies
Price: £5.50
The Exotic Range Of Tatted Flowers is an A5 size booklet of tatting patterns creating exotic flowers such as stargazer lily, arum lily, cattleya orchid, bird of paradise and white orchid.
The pamphlet includes tatting abbreviations and clear instructions complete with photographs on how I do my own beading. It also contains clear instructions on how to assemble the flowers.
The materials used are readily available from your local needlework and sugarcraft stores.
The book is A5 size produced in Microsoft Publisher in booklet form but is converted to PDF for ebook

For more pictures and to purchase click here

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tatting Patterns For One Shuttle, Book 1, by Mark Myers



You can order via paypal. Go to paypal
and use tatman at tat-man dot net for the transaction.

If you want to order this book using a different payment method other than paypal, EMAIL ME and state how many copies you want. All copies will be autographed especially for you.

I created this 25 page book out of a need that I saw from my beginner students. They were always requesting patterns that required only one shuttle work and how-to instructions that are clear and concise. So I have put together a collection of 17 patterns that use only one shuttle. It also includes detailed instructions with lots of close up pictures for every step. A must have book for the beginner or the well versed tatter that likes fresh new ideas.

The book has 25 pages of full color on 32 lb stock paper, comb bound, 8.5x11 size.

It costs $15 plus S&H of $2.55 First Class US postage, or $1.59 book rate(4-6 weeks). If you prefer a different shipping method or it is an international order, please contact me. Please allow at the most two weeks to fill your order and time for shipping.

One of the main features in the book is the half closed ring. By using the ring and half closed ring, many intricate designs can be made that are simple in structure. The half closed ring is used both as a decorative element or as a bridge between two rings, similar to a chain.

Here is a small sampling of what patterns are in the book


Here is a sample of the type of How-To instructions in the book


Here is a sample of the type of visual diagrams featured


Below is the listing of the contents:
Supplies and Getting Started
How To Instructions
Understanding the Double Stitch
Making the Double Stitch
Making the Picot
Making a Ring
Joining With Picots
Elements In The Patterns
Abbreviations & Definition of Terms
Visual Diagrams
Edging #1
Edging #2
Edging #3
Edging #4
Edging #5
Teardrop Motif
Round Motif
Square Motif
Heart Motif
Snowflake #1
Snowflake #2
Angel #1
Angel #2
Christmas Tree
About the Author

From Petals To Pearls

Original Tatting Designs
Linda S Davies

From Petals To Pearls
Tatting pattern book
Original designs by Linda S Davies

Price: £14.50

A comprehensive book of patterns of 3d flowers that can be made into stunning arrangements, beaded edgings suitable for wedding veils and bridal tiaras and a bridesmaid’s head-dress.
A total of 50 pages with 27 patterns complete with abbreviations and detailed instructions for beading.
The materials used are readily available from your local needlework and sugarcraft stores.
The book is A5 in size, produced with full colour illustrations. It’s spine is a comb binding so that the book will lie flat whilst in use - a really helpful feature when following a new pattern!
Price includes Postage and Packaging

For more pictures and to purchase please click here
For ebook version for £6 click here

Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Boutique Tatting"

"Boutique Tatting" by Marilee Rockley

25 numbered pages, over 60 color photos, hints on working with beads, 11 patterns. Not all of the patterns require beads - 3 don't. There are 4 earrings, 1 pendant, 1 cross bookmark, a snowflake, 1 bracelet, 1 hair ribbon (which could also be a bookmark), and 2 challenging necklaces. There are detailed written instructions, and color photos with stitch counts indicated, but not drawn diagrams. This is a book for people who already know the basics of shuttle tatting. It is a soft cover book, 8.5 by 11 inches, stapled in the center, printed in U.S.A. on quality paper.

Available in my Etsy shop.

The above photos show some of the pages in "Boutique Tatting". Original designs and photos by Marilee Rockley.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Up to the Hair, Vol. 1

Eight delightful patterns for hair scrunchies (hair elastic bands). Apropiate from beginners to advance tatters.

Some of the skills use on the book are: beading, mignonnette, padded tatting.

From My Heart

This is my latest book. Twelve lovely hearts await for you to make and use as you please. Some are small enough to use as earrings and others to decorate cards, and many other uses. The book is apropiate for advance beginners to advance tatters.

Skills used on the books includes: beading, split rings, clunny, SCMR, blocks.

"Knot" Just Bookmarks

This is a book with 7 exciting patterns that can be use as bookmarks or as edgings/inserts. Some includes the use of chenille (pipe cleaners) as base and others are beaded. Appropriate for a advance beginner or intermediate to advance.

Skills used in some patterns: beading, celtic, split rings, dimpled rings, thrown-off rings and multiple picots.

Celtic Tatting with a Twist/ Frivolite Celta

This is my 1st tatting book. Was originally publish in 2002. It contains 8 patterns with photos in the Celtic style of interwoven multi-motifs. Recommended for shuttle and needle tatters. Skills used: Split Rings, beading, multiple joins to buttons.

If you want to see al the patterns go to this YouTube video: Celtic Tatting with a Twist

You can buy it here

Este es el primer libro que escribi. Es Frivolite estilo Celta compuesto de motivos multiples intercalados. El libro incluye 8 patrones con fotos. Instrucciones escritas en notacion corta. Tecnicas incluidas en el libro: Anillos Divididos, trabajo con cuentas y botones. Recomendado para tejedores con lanzadera y/o aguja.

Si desea ver todos los patrones, visite este video en YouTube: Frivolite Celta

"The Exquisite Collection of Tatted Butterflies" by Sherry Pence

Click here to purchase.

This is a publication of 12 gorgeous tatted butterfly patterns with up to 21 variations.
Patterns range from beginner to advanced skill level.
Patterns are written as well as diagrammed.
Full Color photos throughout.
It is 29 pages.
Thick Glossy Original Cover.
Only the very best paper was used in the printing process (the kind used for making calendars).

If you want a sample of what the patterns look like here is a link to a free pattern which is similar to what you can expect from the book.
Free Pattern

A year and a half worth of work went into this project. I am very pleased to offer this book to tatters all over the world.

I hope you will love it too!

Copyright 2007 Sherry Pence
Pence Publishing
Boise, Idaho

"Royal Diadem" Original Tatting Book by Sherry Pence

Click here to purchase.

This is a publication by Sherry Pence.

This is a tatted doily pattern; tatted in two continuous rounds.
This pattern contains, split rings, block tatting, dimpled rings and special picots. This book is written for advanced tatters and knowledge of these techniques is required.

Patterns are written as well as diagrammed.Full Color photos throughout.

It is 16 pages.
Comb binding.
Thick Glossy Original Cover.
Two picot gauges are included with the book.
If tatted in size 20 thread this doily will measure approximately 11" in diameter.
If tatted in size 80 thread this doily will measure approximately 7" in diameter.

**If you want to tat this in HDT here is some helpful information:

If tatted in size 20, it will take 2 1/2 skeins total. 1 skein for the inner round and 1 and 1/2 for the outer round.

I don't have exact measurements for size 80 thread but it would be less.

If you want a sample of what the patterns look like here is a link to a free pattern which is similar to what you can expect from the book.
Free Pattern

Seven months work went into this and I am very proud of the finished product.

I hope you will love it too!

Copyright 2008 Sherry Pence
Pence Publishing
Boise, Idaho

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Authors entering their book information

Once you have responded to the invitation you are able to post whatever information you want to share about your book or books. As a suggestion you'll probably want to include:
Your Name
Your Book Name in the Title of the post (if you have several books each one should be in a separate post.) Subject, for example Snowflakes Those 3 things can be made Labels which make the blog easier to search.
The country of origin as this will tell people what kind of shipping charges to expect.
Then you will want to include any information you think is pertinent, for example you may want to let them know the size of the book, the number of patterns, how it's bound, or if it is electronic.
The price of the book.
Where to buy the book.
Add some pictures of the cover or anything you'd like to highlight that is inside the book.
This blog wasn't set up so that the books could be sold from here, but if anyone has a book who doesn't have a web page or blog, they could sell it from here just by using a PayPal invoice.
I used my own book as an example below.

Tatted Crosses

Tatted Crosses by Sharon Briggs is a pattern book with 16 crosses both simple and challenging. All of the patterns are in visual format with accompanying text. The book is electronic in PDF format and is downloadable from my web site. The cost is $14.00 Canadian and can be purchased through PayPal and since it is electronic there are no shipping charges. Please visist my web site for full details.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Books Books and more Books

Here is a place to post information about tatting books that have been written and to find tatting books. It's just a little corner of the world for tatting authors to showcase books they have written. A spot to show you the book and maybe give you a peek inside the front cover. The books aren't available here, but they will link you to the author's site where you can buy the books. They may be print books or electronic books, but they are all tatting books. So come on in and take a look around, you may find something you didn't know was available.